Hot Food
(al a carte prices)
Beef Brisket: Dry rubbed beef brisket, slow cooked for many hours, sliced thin and mixed w/ our      
                     homemade BBQ sauce. $11.95 per lb.

Twangin Pulled Pork: Sweet -n- Spice rubbed Pork, cooked very slow, then pulled and mixed w/ our  
                               homemade BBQ sauce. $10.95 per lb.

Roasted Pulled Chicken:  Roasted chicken, pulled and served in a choice of 3 flavors.
                                   1. Smokey BBQ w/homemade bbq sauce $10.95 per lb.
                      2. Southwestern w/peppers n onions $11.95 per lb.
                      3. Home style w/homemade chicken gravy $12.95 per lb.

Chicken Filets: Skinless, boneless chicken breast marinated in our olive oil and lemon herb marinade
                then slow roasted to perfection. (served in strips) $3.95 per serving.

BBQ Chicken:  Spice rubbed chickens 1/4's and slow roasted and finished w/ our homemade
                bbq sauce. $3.95 per serving.

St. Louis Cut Ribs: Spice rubbed and slow cooked thick country style pork ribs, finished w/ our
                       homemade bbq sauce. $17.95 per rack

Skinny Dip Beef: Our homemade seasoned and slow cooked USDA choice roast beef, sliced thin and
                   served swimming in our homemade beef aujus. $11.95 per lb.

Sausage w/peppers n onions: Large sausage links, slow roasted and finished w/sauteed
                    bell peppers and sweet vidalia onions. $3.95 per serving.

Cajun Fish Filets: Filet of grouper, seasoned cajun style, cooked to perfection and swimming in a
                     buttery lemon garlic sauce. $3.95 per serving.

Roasted Pork Loin: Seasoned rubbed Pork loin, slow roasted, sliced and served in natural
                      juices w/a spicy pineapple jezebel sauce. $3.95 per serving.